Welcome to Le Top Notch.

Trying to create a new shopping experience since 2021.

Our Story

Le top Notch is an International Brand that is focused on delivering high quality products to the best of customers. Our e-commerce directed strategy allows us to connect with as many women as possible. We exclusively work with Women’s clothing since we are all about women’s empowerment. Having just launched, this brand specializes in tops only and is looking to pierce the fashion industry. With your help, we can make it happen.


Our stylish designs are derived from years of experienced designers that go through many phases of approval. We work diligently to deliver the best of work to our customers. Our tops are made for comfort and fashionable outlook.

About our Designers

Our designers have more than 25 years of experience in the field and have worked with some of the top designers in the industry. We have accomplished so many beautiful and voguish pieces that we are proud to share with you. Over decades of insightful learning this professional form of work, We have branched out to work exclusively for Women’s tops that are not only made for comfort but to give the client a youthful and sexy look. Our designers international lifestyle give them an outlook on what is in fashion and an ability to convey a unique sense of style. We not only demand excellence but an up to date motive.

Our Fabrics

Our fabrics are meticulously chosen from a vast variety of manufactures in order to fit the brands image and live up to the brand name. In addition we put a great deal of value into our products not only to look great but also feel great. We want our customers valued within our Top Notch community. Our clothing should make you feel loved and appreciated.

Modes of Production

Before making any final decisions a team of skilled professionals are given the tops in order to approve the designers inventory. Their eye for details allows for the fits and designs to be up to standard and achieve a great brand recognition.

Mission Statement

Here at Le top Notch we are proud to say that the company is run by Women for Women. We are here to empower women and give them the clothes, to discover the confidence that we rightfully deserve.

Where we are Based

We are a Canadian based company that not only use sustainable manufacturers but also socially conscious, in order to produce the highest of quality clothing. We are very demanding and particular of the type of partners we choose to work with. We have manufactures from all around the world as well as our own factories.